How to get here?

You can take the daladala (public bus) which costs around 2000 TZS per person and 1000 TZS for a big backpack. Try to take the one towards Paje-Jambiani as this one will pass just outside Demani. Please note that the daladala can be time consuming and we dont recommend it if you need get to the eairport at a certain time. The daladala does not run late so after 18:00 we recommend you to get a taxi or arrange a transferwith us. We can arange a driver to meet you at the airport, ferry, Stone Town or any other place on the island and take you here. Send us an email to ask for transfer!

Can you arrange transfers?

Yes, we can. Our driver will charge 40$ for pick-ups from Stone Town which you pay him directly or to us. The people we work with have proper serviced cars and they are very reliable and safe drivers. We can also arrange transfer to any other parts of the island. No matter which time you land at night, we can arrange for a driver to meet you.

Where can I get cash?

There are two ATMs here in Paje, one Barcley and one Exim, all the other ATMs are in Stone Town, which is 1 hour drive from us. We do recommend you to draw money before leaving Stone Town as the ATMs are sometimes out of cash or not working proper. If you want to change money this is possible in Paje, although you get a better rate in Stone Town.

Should I bring TZS or US dollars?

It is good to have both as most hotels price their rooms and tours in US dollars but the majority of the restaurants and bars have prices in shillings, in addition to the local shops. If you pay with another currency than the in the pricelist the rate you get will be lower than the one in the exchange bureau.

How to dress?

Feel free to wear whatever you want at our place and at the beach. Bikinis and minis are fine for the beach, but in the villages and towns, women should cover their shoulders and wear a skirt or trouser that reach to the knees while men should avoid being shirtless. This is a muslim island and modest dressing is appreciated by everyone in Zanzibar. Please DO NOT walk along the road or in the village in a bikini. If you wouldnt do it at home please dont do it here. Yes it is a holiday destination but the local inhabitants of Zanzibar still live here and we are their visitors who should respect the culture we visit.

Is breakfast included?

Our delicious breakfast is included in all room rates and is served between 7:30 and 10:30. The breakfast inlcudes fresh made juice, coffee or tea, fresh fruit and either your choice of eggs and todays bread or our cardamum and cinnamum pancakes.

Do you have a bar and a restaurant?

Yes we do! The bar is open all day until the last person has gone to bed and the kitchen is cooking delicious lunch and dinner from 12:00 – 22:00. This is not a self catering accommodation facility and we dont accept food and beverages from outside to be consumed at the property. You wouldnt bring your own food or bottle of wine to a restaurant at home would you.

Do you have laundry service?

Yes we do. We have a laundry machine on site and all clothes handed in before 13:00 will be washed the same day. But we dont have driers so the time for the clothes to dry may vary. We promise your clothes back after two days so make sure you have enough time when handing in the clothes. Check the information board at the lodge for more info after arrival.

Do you have towels?

We give out bath towels for a refundable deposit of 20 000 TSH which you of course get back when you hand in the towel. Please note that these are bath towels and not beach towels and should not be removed out from the lodge. If you wish to change your towel just let us know since we dont change towels daily.

Demani Lodge Thursday Night BBQ & Party

Every Thursday we arrange a delicious BBQ where we grill a whole fish, tender octopus skewers and tasty beef skewers and we cook a whole lot of vegetarian dishes. A live band plays during the BBQ and later we have a DJ and party until late so be prepared for some music and dancing! Please note that the Thursday Nights can be quite noisy if one is not attending the party or up for a late night since the music plays until 3 am. Pre-booking for the BBQ are essential in order to know how many people people we should cook for. Sign up for the BBQ in the bar latest Thursday at 16:00/4 pm.

Do you have security?

We have security every night so you can safely go to bed at night.

Can I pay by card?

You can pay by visa or master card for an added surcharge of 4%. The currency paid by card will be in US dollars.

Do I have to pay for food and drinks straight away?

If you are staying in a private room you can keep a tab for food and drinks and pay when you check out (latest at 10:30). We can unfortunately not keep a tab for the dormitories and you pay for food and drinks when you order.

Do you have Wi-Fi?

We have free WiFi around the bar and restaurant and you can even Skype! As long as there is electricity there is Wi-Fi :) Please note that there is no WiFi in the rooms.

Can you arrange any activities?

We can arrange almost everything! Snorkelling in the magical Blue Lagoon, a whole day out on sea with Safari Blue, take a boat out to Prison Island and the over 100 year-old turtles, visit a Spice Farm, see the red colobus monkey in Jozani Forest, take an Echo-village tour to Jambiani, SUP, surfing, a historical tour in Stown Town and many more!

Can I rent bicycles, motorbikes or a car?

We can organize bicycles, scooters, car or taxi – just tell us what you need! Our bicycles costs 5$ per day. Or maybe you want to hire a car? Let us know and will help you out.

Can I cook or bring my own food or drinks?

No, unfortunately not. We have a delicious bar and restaurant on site which makes tasty smoothies & juices and delicious food from morning to evening.

Are you at the beach?

Demani Lodge is not straight at the beach but the beach is a maximum of 5 minutes walk from us. The nicer, less rocky beach is next to Hotel on the Rock and there is a path all the way down to the beach. Please note that there are steps at the bottom of the path in case of any injuries or difficulties of walking.

Which network provider works well at Demani Lodge?

As for calling we and our emplyees mainly use Zantel, Halotel and Tigo. For internet we recommend Zantel. They have affordable internet bundles and the connections is good most of the time. Zantel also have very affordable calling to all network bundles. Halotel is ok for calling but does not have good internet connection here. Some providers have a good internet connection here but might not work well other places on the island. Some of the providers give good signal on mainland Tanzania but does not have good connection here. This is just how it is.

Are there often power cuts?

This is the same as asking if it will be sun tomorrow. Some days or weeks there are frequent power cuts while others there are not. Sometimes it can last most of the day while others it doesnt. The main line might be broken due to strong wind or other circumstances but we dont have scheduled power cuts like other countries may have. But when its daytime on a beautiful tropical island filled with amazing beaches we do hope that our guests can enjoy their surroundings and their holiday even though they might be able to check their Facebook or Instagram :)


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